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So, I may have already “showed my hand” on this blog by my title, but really-this needs to be addressed!  For the sake of Real Estate Agents and Buyers everywhere.

I have this wonderful family that has been searching for “the home” for a few months now.  We are limited to a small town in the Salem Oregon area/Polk County.  The amount of listings that come on the market each month is limited because it is a smaller town.

We had a good one, or so it sounded, come on the market.  So, we immediately set up a time the following evening to view this wonderful home.   I arrived before the buyers and obtained the key from the contractor’s box on the front door.  I then proceeded to open the front door.  What happened next, I cannot even describe with appropriate words.  Here is this lovely home, in a well established neighborhood, where all of the other homes are kept up.  The door opened and I immediately was blown over by one of the worst dog/urine smells I have encountered.  So, okay, I am a trooper, and my buyers were really excited about this home from the outside.  I knew right away, there is NO WAY I would be able to spend any time at all in this home without some fresh air.  So the first thing I did was open all outside doors for some air, and then bravely sauntered through to turn on the lights.

Shortly thereafter, my wonderful buyers arrived.   I met them at the door to welcome them, and they stepped inside.  Now, in some areas of the home, the smell was not as bad at this point.  Mind you, the sellers did have the carpet cleaned, and had two rooms that they were going to replace the carpet.  Unfortunately, those are the two rooms that do not have the extra thick carpet.   My buyers liked the layout, the backyard is fabulous…. we have discussed the smell somewhat, and that my buyers would rather have a flooring credit than new carpet in the two rooms that are planned to have new carpet.   As we spend more time on this other plush carpet… we are really noticing that the biggest smells are coming from these rooms.  As we stand in the kitchen, where there is no carpet, debating on an appropriate offer, considering all the flooring will need to be replaced, and possibly some sub flooring….  I am now itching, really itching…. and trying to be cool about changing from one foot to the other, scratching my legs…. one of my buyers says….. “I’m sorry, I have to go outside”.  Okay, I had been feeling a little itchy, okay, maybe a lot itchy.   All of sudden we are all scratching madly as we make our way through to be sure the doors are locked, and the lights are off.  By the time that we are outside discussing the home, I am scratching everywhere, not just my legs, as are the buyers.

Sellers, when people cannot even remain in your home…. that may be a sign that you need to replace all of the flooring, or at least set off a bug bomb or two.

Needless to say, as much as my buyers loved the layout and the backyard.  We will not be making an offer on this home. Yes, once I shook off my pants legs and entered my car, I did lift up the legs of my pants in between scratching my head to see if there was anything crawling on me.   Thankfully, it was my last appointment on Friday night and I headed home at high speed.   I am blessed to have a hardwood entry on my main level that leads to the laundry room where I immediately put my clothing in the washer, wrapped up in a folded towel from the top of the dryer, and hit the shower. To my great delight, after the shower, the itching had stopped.

Sellers, smell is a very important part of getting your home sold.  If your real estate agent makes suggestions for you because of the smell of your home due to pets, or anything else…. listen to them!  If you have animals, be prepared that you may have fleas or other irritants….   take care of these issues before you list home and you won’t lose good buyers……

Thanks for listening to my vent for February….  I don’t think I can top this one, this month….. at least I hope not!!


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